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Innovative Strategies for 21st Century Classrooms

Project Start Date: 06 October, 2016. | Project End Date: 07 October, 2016.

A 2 day Teacher Training Workshop on ‘Innovative Strategies for 21st Century Classrooms’ was conducted for 50 teachers from Navin Madhyamik Va Uchh Madhyamik Vidyalaya, in Markal village, near Wagholi, (run by Pune ZilaParishad) in Oct 2016. 

  • Beneficiaries –50 teachers, 1 School(Navin Madhyamik VaUchh Madhyamik Vidyalaya, in Markal village, near Wagholi)
  • Supported by InnerWheel Club of Pune Riverside

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Talk for parents on Raising Responsible Digital Citizens

Project Start Date: 21 October, 2016. | Project End Date: 23 July, 2016.

In July 2016, Founder Charu Mathur, delivered a talk on ‘Raising Responsible Digital Citizens’ for parents &members of Inner Wheel District 313 as part of the Inner Wheel Club Zonal Meet held in Pune. The talk focused on creating awareness about being safe and ethical users of digital media and helping children navigate the web responsibly, safely and proactively.  

  • Beneficiaries –100 Members 
  • Supported by Inner Wheel Clubs of District 313

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A Talk on Social Entrepreneurship

Project Start Date: 11 July, 2016. | Project End Date: 11 July, 2016.

In July 2016, Ankur Mathur, Co- Founder of Socrates Foundation, delivered a talk at ‘Kick Start 2016’, an event organized by X-Seed, the Entrepreneurship Cell of Xavier’s Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar. His talk was centered around his belief that “Entrepreneurs are not risk takers, they are risk mitigators”. 

  • Beneficiaries - 100 college students, 5 colleges of Pune
  • Supported by Xavier’s Institute of Management, Bhubneshwar

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21st Century Educational Programs for Kilbil English Medium ...

Project Start Date: 11 June, 2016. | Project End Date: 16 June, 2016.

We closely work with ‘Kilbil English Medium School & Junior College.’
School, an under-resourced and low-income school situated in the slums of Janwadi, Pune catering to students from the Janwadi community.
We aim to help this school by improving the quality of education and introducing contemporary 21st century teaching and learning skills in the regular curriculum so as to eliminate the education inequity. 

  • Beneficiaries - 1500 Students, Kilbil School
  • A project of Socrates Foundation

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Film Review Writing Workshop for Students

Project Start Date: 30 July, 2016. | Project End Date: 31 July, 2016.

The usefulness of communication skill in today’s world cannot be overemphasized, and creative writing is an important form of this skill. We organized an innovative method of inculcating this skill in students. During July / August 2016, a workshop on film review writing was organizedfor 600 students & teachers of Kilbil School in the auditorium of Persistent Systems Ltd., Pune, which was preceded by screening of film ‘Neel BatteSannata’.  

  • Beneficiaries - 600 college students, 1 School of Pune
  • Supported by Rotary Club of Khadki
  • Venue Courtesy: Persistent

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