Media Literacy

What is media literacy?

Media literacy is a set of communication competencies, which will provide students the ability, not only to access &analyse, but also to evaluate and communicate information in print and non-print media.

Media literacy enables people to have the skills which will help them to

  • Understand the process of creation of media messages
  • Recognize what the media creator wants us to believe
  • Identify the bias in the messages
  • 'Read between the lines' of the messages
  • Evaluate the message based on our own experience
  • Create and distribute our own media messages

Why is media literacy important today?

The world of today thrives on media. Technology has enabled not only the electronic media, but also its relatively traditional forms like print,capture information and relay it to the entire world in no time. Nature's fury in one part of the world, history making moment in another part is brought to people instantaneously. The world is changing fast. A new study of the extent of information revolution and digital age calculated by a team at University of Southern California shows that everyone today is bombarded by the equivalent of 174 newspapers of data a day. Huge information overload, need new skills to make some sense out of it. Media Literacy helps to develop critical thinking among the youth and adults alike by giving them the power to analyse, evaluate & create media.