Global Citizenship

Thinking Global Acting Local : Preparing Students for Global Citizenship

Who is a global citizen?

A global citizen is an individual who is aware of his own role as a world citizen, respects and values diversity, has an understanding of how the world works economically, politically, socially, culturally, technologically and environmentally, contributes to the community at a range of levels from local to global & is willing to act to make the world a more sustainable place.

Need for global citizenship

  • Provides a context to the learnings of the children.
  • Reinforces the belief that even individuals have the power to change things.
  • Enables children to counter ignorance and intolerance, and equips them with the skills required to challenge misinformation and stereotyped views.
  • Encourages children to recognize theirresponsibilities and learn from each other.
  • In a rapidly changing world, global citizenship teaches the children to be adaptable and flexible.


Values: A sense of identity and self-esteem, empathy, value and respect for diversity, a concern for environment & sustainable development.

Knowledge: related to social justice & equity, globalization & interdependence, sustainable development, peace & conflict.

Skills: critical thinking, respect for people from varied background, co-operation &conflict resolution, and an ability to challenge injustice and inequalities.