It was indeed a very enriching experience for the children and staff of ourschool. It's the need of the hour to develop analytical, logical and criticalthinking skills in the next generation for them to compete in the globalizedworld of today.

(Kamini Saxena, Principal, Dr. KalmadiShamrao High School, Pune)

Last ten weeks have been so exciting for seven of our students of std. VIII as theyattended two to three hours' session every week as participants of 'Space ScienceClub.It covered a wide spectrum of activities and hands-on experiences. They got anopportunity to hear to some eminent scientists & astronomers besides visitingNarayangaon to learn about the functioning of the radio telescope.They had a wonderful time preparing for and presenting a project on the theme of'Space Science'.It was indeed a highly motivational experience for them & boosted their interest inastronomy.You really helped to develop their critical thinking by guiding them through out toexplore new horizons of knowledge & information.I am sure this sincere endeavor of yours will go a long way in egging them on thepath of curiosity that will engage their minds on unravelling the mysteries of space.

(Mrs. MedhaPandit, Principal, SPM English Medium School, Pune)

Space Science, being abstract has been brought to the level of children through such a lively and exciting workshop. It has indeed achieved its goal of enhancing scientific attitude in our children.

(Mrs. Leena Chaudhari, Headmistress, Symbiosis Secondary School)

The main objective of the club was to bring children from various schools on one common platform and develop critical thinking skill in them through various activities….The workshop has opened a vast area of skills and a new way of looking at a problem.

(Mrs. Nandini Charles, Principal,Vikhe Patil Memorial School)

Many hands-on activities based on Maths, Science, Space Science were conducted…..The highlight point of these activities was the visit to GMRT, Narayangaon….Students enjoyed films like 'Toys in Space' and 'Race to Mars' as there were brain storming sessions in between the shows which helped them to understand the situation shown.

(Mrs. Sujata Naidu, Head Mistress, D.E.S.Secondary School)

Master Rohan an energetic, enthusiastic & active childis wellgroomed and enlightened by the experienced, renownedexpert's guidance in this program.He foundthe program more thought-provoking insteadof near mugging up or studying the subject only fromexamination point of view.

(A parent)

……From the veryfirst session, I observed that she not only started taking interest in Space but she started thinking on a different level altogether. Her visitto Narayangaon was very fruitful. All the visual sessions gave her clearideas what exactly the Space is all about. Devansi says she could relateto geography lessons-much better than what it was before the sessions.

(A parent)

A very interesting movie 'Race To Mars' was screened at the venue. ….The movie was shown in parts tohave interactive session with the students after completion of each part of themovie with an aim to encourage students to express their own solution to theproblem faced by the stronauts. This approach was wonderful and surelyhelped the students to understand the value of critical thinking and how onecan come out of the problems by remaining calm and focused under stressfulsituations.Overall, It was a great learning and enjoyable experience.

(Vikhe Patil Memorial School)