Professional Development for Educators

Train the Trainer

Professional Development Workshops conducted by Socrates Foundation prepare educators to incorporate 21st century skills into their curriculum by facilitating them to redesign their existing lessons and learning activities. This not only makes the learning process for students more engaging, but also prepares them for the world of tomorrow.

Benefits of the program

  • Acquire knowledge about 21st century skills and familiarize themselves with the methods to integrate these skills into daily instructions.
  • Understand the importance of, and construct professional learning communities.
  • Tap the expertise within a school through coaching, mentoring, team teaching& parent engagement.
  • Apart from the direct and tangible benefits accruing to the participants, these workshops also facilitate collaboration among them by providing a platform to share their experiences and best practices. A very important facet of these workshops is that the participants are motivated to take a paradigm shift from being mere teachers to assuming the role of facilitators of learning.

Integrated Professional Development Module

  • Teacher Commitment – A renewed passion for the profession
  • Promoting Critical Thinking Skills for Meaningful Learning
  • Technology Integration for Effective Teaching & Learning
  • Creative Teaching to Maximize Learning & Innovation
  • Teacher Leadership – Teachers in Professional Learning Community